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At Least He can Throw a Baseball . . .

. . . which is more than I can say for the current POTUS.

What a joy to see 41 & 43 in the ballpark with Nolan Ryan.


YouTube and MLB have no sense of humor. Here is a link to another video feed.

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Maintaining Lunacy

And they say Tea Party people are brainless, ignorant nut jobs!

Pot, meet kettle! I love how the interviewer traps each person in the idiocy of their positions.

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Battle for the House V

Battle for the House.

Man, it just keeps getting worse and worse for the Donks.

Check out the diverging red and blue lines in the chart directly below the map. The slippage has been pronounced over the last two months and has intensified as we approach November 2nd.

Get out and vote people! This is going to be fun!

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Arguing With His Own

Not a peep about this in the Lame Stream Press. Only on Fox News. You know you’ve got it bad when this happens to you on friendly ground. I wonder if this gave Chris Matthews a thrill up his leg?

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Some Friday Night Music

Benny, Gene, Harry & Lionel smoke’n hot. Makes our current crop of popular musicians look really sad!

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Heaping Coals of Fire on Her Head

The always lovely and gracious Joy Behar from The View expressed herself the other day regarding an ad Sharron Angle is running in her race against Senator Harry Reid in Nevada. Regardless of your thoughts about the Angle ad, Behar’s response was completely over the top.

So what did Sharron Angle do? Just one of the classiest things I’ve ever seen a politician do for one of their critics. She sent Joy some flowers.

You would hopefully expect that this gesture would have elicited at least a begrudging if not heartfelt apology from Ms. Behar for the rude language and nasty thoughts she sent in Sharron’s direction. You would think . . . .

But you would be wrong. The lovely Ms. Behar seems to be missing a significant portion of her humanity, based on her response on The View today. Way to keep it classy Joy!

Makes me pause and wonder, why is it that a liberal shrew like Ms. Behar can use this language on a Conservative woman of faith without every feminist and every other liberal do-gooder rushing to Sharron Angle’s defense? Even Barbra Walters sat by with a minor tut, tut.

Oh yeah, I forgot, Conservative Christians are the only people that it’s okay to bash and abuse


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When will we get our Chick-fil-A

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