NPR With a Case of the “Stupids”

21 Oct

Juan Williams: Fox News gives Juan Williams an expanded role –

Not that NPR having a case of the “Stupids” is  anything unusual. Nina Totenberg should have been gone when she joked about Jesse Helms grandkids getting AIDS from a blood transfusion. But she’s still around because she toes the PC line.

The more sinister thing in this whole dust up is Media Matters and George Soros’s role in all of this and his donation of over 1 million dollars to NPR. Bravo to Fox News for stepping in and doing right by Mr. Williams

Sarah Palin is right, it’s time to end Federal support for NPR. Any organization that is so willing to trample someone’s 1st Amendment rights should not be feeding at the Public trough, even if Public is part of their name.

I take my former pastor’s view. It really should be called National Pagan Radio!

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Posted by on October 21, 2010 in Media


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