Removing the Creator from the Declaration of Independence

21 Oct

Obama Edits the Declaration of Independence.

I was grudgingly willing to overlook the first time he did this as a mistake or sloppiness. The fact that it is continuing and apparent goes back to his inaugural address is disturbing. I’m also troubled by the subtle shift from “created equal” to “are equal”. This feeds right into the false hope of fairness that I mentioned in a previous post.

Equally disturbing was his press secretary’s response on the matter when asked yesterday. His non-answer was “I think the President supports the Declaration of Independence”.

If our rights did not come from our “Creator”, where did they come from? Did they come from man, the State, who granted them? If they have not been granted by God and are a construct of man, can they not be altered or revoked by man. You’re fooling yourself and have not been paying attention if you don’t think our current ruling class wouldn’t love to do just that.

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Posted by on October 21, 2010 in Politics


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