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I Would Add Negligent As Well

RealClearPolitics – Video – Ralph Peters: Obama Is “Gutless” For Not Taking Down Wikileaks.

We knew this was coming before the very first leak. It could have been stopped but wasn’t. This is worse by far than Katrina. We saw that coming but could not stop it (we could have done a better job before and after in rescue and assistance).

Malicious or incompetent, take your pick, both are bad!

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Time For Some Ella (and a little Etta too)

The First Lady of Song!

I enjoy this arrangement of “At Last”, a song which is more commonly associated with Etta James. I really enjoy the guitar work. Would love to know who’s playing on this track.

I really like Etta’s rendition as well.

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Headed for the Glue Factory

Americans Learning to Submit.

From the article:

“We’re being sold a false sense of safety from a federal government that can’t muster the courage toidentify our genuine enemies, much less target them. But Napoleon is always right. Thus, we’ll be scanned and probed so as not to offend the very people who hate us, our liberties, and our culture simply because we’ve refused, thus far, to adopt their customs.”

George Orwell is looking more and more prescient every day. Time to escape the Animal Farm and engage in some thoughtcrime.


Trend Analysis

Islamic Youth Attempts to Car Bomb Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Explain to me again why we should not be closely watching every young Islamic male in this country! The trend is very clear.

Congressman elect LTC Allen West calls it right. You look for trends and when they are identified, you focus your resources on them. Stop this crazy pat-down claptrap! We need to be looking for people and not things.


We Won’t Get Fooled Again

American Thinker: Duped in North Korea: From Obama’s Mentor to Jimmy Carter.

Time to drive a stake in the ground with North Korea! Thanks you so much Jimmy Carter and Frank Marshall Davis (Obama’s boyhood and teenage mentor) for a truly intractable mess! Does it not bother you that Obama’s mentor during his most formative years was a raving communist?

The whole thing made me think of this song by the Who.


I Love the Smell of Desperation in the Morning

None Dare Call It Desperation.

But I do!

They are deluding themselves if they think the problem is poor communication or a “vast right wing conspiracy”.

They have communicated very well. Turns out the American People don’t like the message or the Messenger. They however, are so convinced of the correctness of their ideology, they can not even begin to entertain the possibility of flaw.

And they thought 2010 was bad!

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My Political Philosophy VII

The last of Bill Whittle’s excellent series. He does a great job of explaining American Exceptionalism in a very clear and factual way. I hope you take the time to watch with an open mind. Some of the facts will astound you.

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