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Hail Caesar!

Government as God.

A most excellent piece today at the American Thinker

From the article:

“Thus has Caesar become a God of sorts — and not a terribly merciful one at that — to whom citizens should resign their fate.  Moreover, we are to be eternally grateful that this infinitely wise, coldly equitable master has, for a season, decided to leave the ration paid for its unique services temporarily unaltered. . . . . Even Orwell himself could not have foreseen a more divinely inspired arrangement. . . .  But most ironic is the fact that the very people who want to stoke the embers of class hatred, such as the Obama, the Harry Reid, and the Nancy Pelosi clans, are all people of extraordinary wealth.  One thing they also have in common is that they like to spend extravagantly when it comes to other people’s money”

Hail indeed!  Hail NO!

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No Amount of Polishing Will Do

Not matter how you try to brand it, a turd is still a turd!

Go ahead Steven and Nancy. Knock yourselves out!

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Christmas in America

Excellent video from Bill Whittle on Christmas in America.

Hat tip to Hot Air for the original post.

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Apologizing for Saying “Christmas”

This woman just lost the right to be considered an “objective” journalist.

The political correctness displayed is nauseating. I seriously doubt she would apologize for mentioning the fact that she just attended a Ramadan celebration or any of the other “acceptable” faiths. Once again it’s clear to me that Christianity and it’s associated holidays are the only portions of western society that it is okay to denigrate.

Nina, I think you’ve become so open minded your brain has fallen out. Time to send your journalism degree back to Cracker Jacks or whatever cereal box you got it from.

p.s She also got the whole budget thing wrong as well. There are no tax cuts, just a continuation of the rates that have been in place for 10 years and the Continuing Resolution keeps government spending at last years levels until March

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Thank Goodness This Card Doesn’t Work Anymore

The Wolves Who Cry Boy.

An excellent piece at the American Thinker on race and how it’s been used by the usual suspects to enslave minority communities instead of setting them free. If they knew how they have been used for the last 50 years, there would be a revolt.

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Fun name, Great music!

I love the inventiveness of these two. Check out their YouTube channel!

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Keep This Man Away From the Constitution

I know Justice Breyer has a lifetime appointment but . . .

. . . can we remove him for this idiocy? To assert the Madison only added the 2nd Amendment to appease the various States is lunacy!

From the article:

“Madison also considered the right to bear arms an important check on federal power, too, and didn’t reluctantly come to that position to appease the states into signing the Constitution.  All Breyer needed to do to discover this was actually read Madison on the subject in Federalist 46, where Madison makes clear the role of states and men at arms in keeping the central government from overwhelming their sovereignty”

It blows my mind that a Supreme Court Justice could be this willfully intellectually dishonest when it could be so easily refuted!

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