Taxing The ‘Rich”

03 Dec

For all of you that think raising the existing tax rates on people with incomes over $250,000is a good idea, watch this video and then consider the following:

Small businesses create 70% of all new jobs in this country.

Most small businesses are owned by sole proprietors and small groups of people who report the company’s profits on their personal tax returns. Profits that in most cases they plow back into their companies to grow their businesses and hire more staff.

Over 40% of small businesses will be adversely impacted by allowing tax rates to go up for incomes over $250,000

Now tell me again why raising taxes on these people is a good idea with the unemployment rate hovering just below 10% for 19 months straight. Which by the way, is the worst performance since the Great Depression

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Posted by on December 3, 2010 in Business, Politics


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