Keep This Man Away From the Constitution

13 Dec

I know Justice Breyer has a lifetime appointment but . . .

. . . can we remove him for this idiocy? To assert the Madison only added the 2nd Amendment to appease the various States is lunacy!

From the article:

“Madison also considered the right to bear arms an important check on federal power, too, and didn’t reluctantly come to that position to appease the states into signing the Constitution.  All Breyer needed to do to discover this was actually read Madison on the subject in Federalist 46, where Madison makes clear the role of states and men at arms in keeping the central government from overwhelming their sovereignty”

It blows my mind that a Supreme Court Justice could be this willfully intellectually dishonest when it could be so easily refuted!

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Posted by on December 13, 2010 in Culture, Politics


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