Hail Caesar!

24 Dec

Government as God.

A most excellent piece today at the American Thinker

From the article:

“Thus has Caesar become a God of sorts — and not a terribly merciful one at that — to whom citizens should resign their fate.  Moreover, we are to be eternally grateful that this infinitely wise, coldly equitable master has, for a season, decided to leave the ration paid for its unique services temporarily unaltered. . . . . Even Orwell himself could not have foreseen a more divinely inspired arrangement. . . .  But most ironic is the fact that the very people who want to stoke the embers of class hatred, such as the Obama, the Harry Reid, and the Nancy Pelosi clans, are all people of extraordinary wealth.  One thing they also have in common is that they like to spend extravagantly when it comes to other people’s money”

Hail indeed!  Hail NO!

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Posted by on December 24, 2010 in Culture, Politics


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