Be Careful What You Wish For

02 Jan

Works and Days » Raging Against “Them”.

Victor Davis Hanson absolutely nails the situation Socialist/Statist/Liberals (pick your poison) find themselves in. What a sorry state of affairs and no one to blame it on but themselves.

Here is my favorite section from the article:

“Cannot liberals press on with their dream and insist on amnesty, go for single-payer health care, lobby for a 50% income tax rate on higher incomes? If spring is delayed by frost and snow this year into June or July, would that even more so prove the case for global warming? Will Al Gore make another film, A Really Really Inconvenient Truth?

In short, there is no “them” who wrecked Greece, ruined California, subverted the climate change movement, sidetracked a half century of liberalism to come, or discredited mega-deficit spending.”

Read the entire thing. It’s worth your time.

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Posted by on January 2, 2011 in Politics


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