Sarah Palin and Those Who Hate Her

20 Jan

Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin.

An excellent post at the American Thinker by Robin of Berkeley, one of my favorite writers and bloggers.

She poses some very interesting theories for what drives what appears to be a rabid hate for Palin by many on the left. I ask my friends on the left to read this article and then really examine themselves and consider what is driving their reaction to Mrs Palin. Sadly, I know many who have not really examined the facts and just parrot the propaganda they ingest from MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Key graphs:

“People on the left hate Palin for one simple reason: because she is everything they are not.  She is their polar opposite because her life journey has diverged from the prescribed liberal path.

Palin was raised to be self-sufficient and independent since “idle hands are the devil’s tools.”  Little Sarah was up at the crack of dawn, hunting with her dad; in sharp contrast, liberal kids like me were still fast asleep.

Palin didn’t have life handed to her on a silver platter, like so many in the ruling class.  Instead, Sarah balanced school, chores, jobs, and sports.  While liberal girls like me were glued to the boob tube, Sarah had no time for sloth.

Palin attended church with her family on Sundays. On Sunday morning, young liberals like me were recovering from Saturday night.”

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal weighs in with more insight.

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