More Energy Stupidity

26 Mar

Could someone please explain to me why we are not going at this hammer and tongs and becoming a net energy exporter?

Meanwhile the current Administration is holding up drilling permits in the Gulf (in defiance of a Federal Court order) and making it very hard to develop any land-based resources by dragging their feet on leases for exploration on Federal land. Then he flies to Brazil to congratulate them on their oil exploration and pledges to buy more from them.

If the USA embarked on a very public, immediate and, aggressive campaign to develop our own resources, the price of energy on the world market would fall overnight as current producers scramble to keep their markets. The boost this would give to our economy would be much greater and more long lasting than any government stimulus plan.

As it stands now, our President has signaled to the world that we are not serious about developing what we have, in fact he is actively hindering that development. He’s basically telling the world to go ahead and take us for everything they can. As they do, we pour more and more dollars into the coffers of regimes who are all to happy to pass that money along to al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah et al.

I have said this many times before. Either he is really this uninformed and has no clue or is fully aware and is acting this way with malicious intent. Neither option is good for the country. 2012 can’t come soon enough.


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