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Happy Ramadan But No Happy Easter

Actions speak louder than words.

And they wonder why so many people think the President is secretly a muslim or at the very least has a heavy bias in that direction. It’s hard not to draw this conclusion, based on his actions.

Pay no attention to what they say but watch very closely what they do. Go words to live by when dealing with any politician.

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It’s Hot in the Kitchen . . .

. . . leave if you can’t take it.

Battered by gas prices White House starts attacks on oil companies –

Come on Mr. President, grow a pair!

Seems like just yesterday Mr. Obama and his DNC brethren were screaming at Bush when gas took its last jump during the previous Administration. If I remember correctly, they all but accused Bush of personally ordering oil companies to raise their prices. Now when it’s his turn to be responsible, Obama wants nothing to do with it and blames everyone but himself and his energy policies for the current spike in prices.

Sorry Mr. President, you’ll get no sympathy from me! Shut up, do something and take it like a man.


A Green Nightmare

The Chinese Role Model Collapses on the Progressives.

Excellent piece at the American Thinker (linked above) that puts the lie to all the hype about China and their supposed “Green Leap Forward”.

Here is an excerpt:

“The vast bulk of Chinese energy (87%) is provided by burning coal.  Much of the rest comes from biomass and water power.  The widely heralded green program of China is a Big Lie reminiscent of the 5 Year Plans, Great Leaps Forward, and other communist slogans that broadcast the agitprop that communist regimes will leave us in the dust.  The only green thing about the Chinese Green Miracle is the number of American dollars enriching that nation at our expense.”

The whole thing is worth your time as are the several articles linked within the piece.


Can John Galt Co-exist with Jesus Christ

Reconciling Rand with the Gospel.

The article linked above has a very interesting take on Ayn Rand and how her philosophy squares with Christianity.

As a believer and follower of Christ, I have always felt mildly uncomfortable reading Rand because of her atheist reputation and world view. As an architectural student I was assigned The Fountainhead as a reading assignment which led me to read Atlas Shrugged.

I did not lose my faith. In fact, I think it made my faith stronger. Carried to it’s logical conclusion, objectivism (Rand’s philosophy) leads to a world full of selfish and alienated people. I do however think she’s spot on when she goes after collectivism and statism. That’s why I think her work is enjoying its current resurgence. We are rapidly approaching the point where the “Takers” will outnumber the “Makers” in this country (one of the major themes in Atlas Shrugged).

I certainly hope we can change course in time.

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Show Me Your Records . . .

. . . I don’t care where you were born.

Here is an excellent column at the FrontPageMag web site on the whole “birther” issue.

I don’t consider myself a “birther”, though it does raise some very interesting Constitutional and legal questions (i.e. Is a law signed by a President who is ineligible really a law? Is it a felony for someone to seek the highest office in the land and cover up facts that may prove them to be ineligible?).

I am much more concerned by the attempt Obama has made (and the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent) to obscure his past by sealing his records all the way back to elementary school. I’m also troubled by the news media’s distinct lack of curiosity about any of this. If a Republican candidate or President tried something like this they would be screaming bloody murder and rightly so. We need to know the people we are electing to lead us and have them fully vetted by the press.

Pointing to Obama’s two autobiographies (I use the term loosely) doesn’t count. Those books paint the picture he wants us to see. There must be an independent review of the facts. So far the press has fallen down (or willfully taken a dive) on the job.

Time to come clean Mr. President.

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Doing The Opposite

The Nature of Arab Unrest – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online.

An excellent piece from Mr. Hanson on the current situation in the Middle East.

From the article:

“In such a mess, the challenge for America should have been to prod pro-American authoritarians to reform (but not to abdicate), to support staunchly our very few democratic friends, to oppose publicly anti-American totalitarians, and wherever possible to stay out of intervening militarily, given that no resistance group as of yet has proved democratic, or indeed has even published much of a liberal reform manifesto.”

Read the whole thing. It’s a good primer on Mid-East policy


No Class

What a nasty, arrogant, little man.

Someone please tell me what NYC did to deserve a shuttle in comparison to Houston, home to NASA and one of the largest collections of space vehicles.

Sen. Schumer, I have a couple of questions.

Do you really believe that NYC is the tourist hot spot of the USA? (I assume the answer is yes)

Do you believe as President Obama stated during his campaign the we need to “spread the wealth around”? (I’ll assume the answer to this question is yes as well)

By your logic then, NYC has more than it’s share of tourist draws and really doesn’t need the shuttle and should share it with some other city that might deserve some help or maybe even a city that actually “earned” the right to such a prize!

Houston maybe?

I would hate to think that the Administration would play politics with awarding the retired shuttles to various locations, but it is hard not to come to that conclusion.

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