Rep. Paul Ryan, Pulling No Punches

13 Apr

Mark Levin.

Click on the link above to hear Rep. Paul Ryan’s on the Mark Levin Show.

Mr. Levin had the Congressman on to get his reaction to the President’s budget speech from earlier today. With all due respect to the Office of The President, his speech today was deeply non-serious and exactly what you would expect from a rabble rouser in the street and not the President of the United States.

I guess Obama thinks we’re all really stupid. Anyone who has a modicum of historical knowledge and some basic economic training should be able to punch barn-sized holes in this speech.

Rep. Ryan is right. Instead of a serious policy statement, we got a re-election campaign speech today.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns!

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Posted by on April 13, 2011 in Business, Culture, Politics


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