Show Me Your Records . . .

23 Apr

. . . I don’t care where you were born.

Here is an excellent column at the FrontPageMag web site on the whole “birther” issue.

I don’t consider myself a “birther”, though it does raise some very interesting Constitutional and legal questions (i.e. Is a law signed by a President who is ineligible really a law? Is it a felony for someone to seek the highest office in the land and cover up facts that may prove them to be ineligible?).

I am much more concerned by the attempt Obama has made (and the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent) to obscure his past by sealing his records all the way back to elementary school. I’m also troubled by the news media’s distinct lack of curiosity about any of this. If a Republican candidate or President tried something like this they would be screaming bloody murder and rightly so. We need to know the people we are electing to lead us and have them fully vetted by the press.

Pointing to Obama’s two autobiographies (I use the term loosely) doesn’t count. Those books paint the picture he wants us to see. There must be an independent review of the facts. So far the press has fallen down (or willfully taken a dive) on the job.

Time to come clean Mr. President.

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Posted by on April 23, 2011 in Culture, Politics


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