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Time to Give the “Setup Man” His Due

The First-Person Presidency – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online.

Excellent column from VDH (linked above) in which he makes it very clear that the elimination of OBL by BHO would not have been possible without the 7 years of effort and ground work from GWB.

He also takes the President to tasks for his use of personal pronouns and his hypocritical approach.


29 Versions and Counting

The Definition of Incompetence… Team O Releases Version 29 on Osama Raid | The Gateway Pundit.

Everything leading up to and including the mission was a success and possible in large part to the structures and policies put in place by Bush and Cheney (which Obama ran against in 2008). All President Obama had to do was call the shot.

Everything since then has been one giant train wreck. This Administration has been so concerned with the President’s approval rating and the coming campaign that they have so totally over played this item to the point of looking like bench warmers for the local little league team and not starters in the majors (my apologies to little league bench warmers everywhere).

It would have been much better to take this guy out and never say a word. Then while the islamic terrorist world turns itself inside out, you leverage all the intel gathered in the raid and wait for your chance to roll up the various networks. As it stands now, all tactical advantage has been lost thanks to all the gum flapping coming out of the White House.

What a phenomenal opportunity squandered.  I’m sick to death of this “I”, “Me”, “My” President.


How Many Clowns Can You Fit in a CAr

Obama Administration takes victory lap in clown car | The Daily Caller.

The column linked above mirrors my thoughts almost exactly regarding the aftermath of the OBL assassination and the appalling way the White House has handled things.

Bravo Jim Treacher!

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