On True Compassion and Self-interest, Rightly Understood

04 Jul

The Education of a Compassionate Conservative.

An excellent if very long piece by Ed Kaitz at the American Thinker. Very fitting for today’s celebration.

The more I read about “social justice” as a political ideology, the more I become convinced that many well-meaning Christians have been led astray and have begun to substitute it for their faith. True compassion is instantly corrupted as soon as it comes in contact with the State. We can not expect the State to do for us what God has called us to do ourselves out of love for Him and our fellow man. Nor should we demand that the State force others to practice compassion if they do not feel so led.

The entire article is full of interesting and thought provoking quotes. Please take the time to read the entire thing.

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Posted by on July 4, 2011 in Culture, Politics


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