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Put Up or Shut Up

MSNBC Host Says Rick Perry Has ‘Nutty Stuff’ Hiding In His Background |

Who is Donnie Deutsch and why should anyone care. If you know “nutty” facts (emphasis on facts) then report them. If you’ve got nothing then shut your pie hole.

It’s amazing how hard the Left is trying to damage Perry as each new poll shows him with a sizable and growing lead of the rest of the GOP field. If they think they’re going to scare Governor Perry, I think they’re sadly mistaken. A man who packs heat when he goes jogging is not liable to scuttle off with his tail between his legs which is how I would expect Deutsch to act if someone even thought about throwing a dirt ball at him.

Put up or shut up Donnie!

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Too Complex to Be Chance – Part II

Liberals’ View of Darwin Unable to Evolve – HUMAN EVENTS.

Ann Coulter continues her expert evisceration of Darwin and the theory (or religion) of evolution.

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I Hear the Fat Lady Warming Up

Has the AGW argument imploded? « Hot Air.

CERN adds another nail to the coffin of Al Gore’s pet project. No wonder he’s so ticked.

The day is coming when someone will say “man-made global warming” and people will laugh.

Update: The fine gentlemen at Powerline have a more detailed followup.

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Crash & Burn

Leading Economics Blog: US Economy Already In Recession | The Gateway Pundit.

This is the result of electing an incompetent, Marxist/Socialist academic to lead your country. I sincerely hope the American people have learned from this sorry episode. Emotionally driven decision making in the voting booth is a very bad thing!


I Reject Your Reality & Substitute My Own

Obama: Republicans Are Not Responsive to Public Opinion – That’s Why They’re Unpopular | The Gateway Pundit.

My apologies to Adam Savage of the Myth Busters for stealing his tag line for my title. But seriously, what planet is this man living on? By just about every measure out there, the American people are more in sync with the GOP and the Tea Party than with Obama and the DNC. They have to know this. Do they think that if they deny it long enough things will change? That might have worked when everyone got their news from Walter Cronkite and he could be counted on to present the party line. New media has changed all that.

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Making Billy & Roger Look Good!

Confirmed: Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Had Social Security Number for 19 Years – Likely Received Government Assistance | The Gateway Pundit.

It will be instructive to see how or if the White House chooses to deal with this story. It would be nice if the national media would actually do their job in this case as I’m sure they would be doing with a vengeance if this was the uncle of Republican President.

At least Billy Carter and Roger Clinton were citizens. Obama’s unrepentant aunt and DUI uncle are illegal aliens and appear to be proudly so. Obama needs to wear this one in the coming campaign. I certainly hope the GOP has the backbone to use it.

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None So Blind

When Smart People Write Dumb Things | RedState.

Erik Erickson at Redstate has a great followup to the Ed Morrisey piece that I posted several days ago. It has become exceedingly clear that the national media can not be trusted to report fairly or even accurately on matters of faith. We must hold them accountable in every way possible.

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