Frog In a Pot, Slowly Boiled

01 Aug

GROSECLOSE: Pernicious effects of media bias – Washington Times.

I’ve read several reviews of the book by the author of the column linked above. His is the first academic study I’ve seen that scientifically looked at bias in the news media and how it effects the audience. His research tends to support what I have always felt in my gut long before there was ever a Rush Limbaugh or a Fox News on the scene. The national news media is significantly biased to the left and that bias has had a profound effect on our politics for the last 40 plus years. When you are as lopsided as the Washington press corp (93% liberal to 7% conservative), all hope of objectivity is gone.

If you doubt me, check out this video clip from today’s White House press briefing. If what Norah O”Donnell asks Carney at the beginning of the clip doesn’t blow you away, stick a fork in ya, your done. Your frog has been successfully boiled.

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Posted by on August 1, 2011 in Culture, Media, Politics


One response to “Frog In a Pot, Slowly Boiled

  1. Brian Dudonis

    August 5, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Why, why do people who self classify as right wing justify their positions with out of context information? It’s called propaganda and it only works in the short term and there is usually longterm failings.

    For example, Social Security tax on only the first $1400. True, but over time with inflation; generally the doubling of cost every ten years, social security taxes should now be applied to incomes in excess of $150,000. The deficit exists because services we want are not funded adequately. Now, I don’t mind a debate about the relavence of social security, but if you try and justify your position with financial data 80 years old; and suggest the numbers are relavent today, we would not have much to debate.


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