Coming to Grips With a Painful Truth

19 Aug

Articles: The Anti-American President.

WARNING! This is a hard hitting piece that is full of links to supporting articles.

Those of us who were paying attention to more than the national media and didn’t get caught up in the “cult of personality” during the 2008 election will nod knowingly but take no pleasure in saying “we told you so”. It will be hard for many of you who voted for this man to admit your mistake. No one likes to acknowledge that they were fooled by fine sounding words and were too lazy to really “look under the hood” or were all to happy to try and erase some horribly misplaced “white guilt” by voting for the first black President.

We will forgive you, just admit your mistake and promise not to be so foolish again.

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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Politics


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