Getting It Wrong On Purpose

28 Aug

Why is the media so ignorant about religion? « Hot Air.

The media is not ignorant on religion, they are openly hostile to it. I believe they hate religion because it flies in the face of the “anything goes” philosophy they ingested while at college. They have bought into the lie that religion is only for the weak and the stupid. They have also swallowed the whole “America is an evil oppressor” meme and by extension, main stream American religion is bad while religion from the third world is benign or even noble (even as it subjugates women and tramples on other human rights). It’s all a political calculation and has nothing to do with faith.

The Main Stream Media in this country is beyond corrupt. I doubt in can be saved. If we hope to accomplish anything, we need to start with the colleges and universities. Time to pay attention to what they are teaching our young adults and to hold them accountable.

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Posted by on August 28, 2011 in Culture, Education, Faith, Media, Politics


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