Put Up or Shut Up

31 Aug

MSNBC Host Says Rick Perry Has ‘Nutty Stuff’ Hiding In His Background |

Who is Donnie Deutsch and why should anyone care. If you know “nutty” facts (emphasis on facts) then report them. If you’ve got nothing then shut your pie hole.

It’s amazing how hard the Left is trying to damage Perry as each new poll shows him with a sizable and growing lead of the rest of the GOP field. If they think they’re going to scare Governor Perry, I think they’re sadly mistaken. A man who packs heat when he goes jogging is not liable to scuttle off with his tail between his legs which is how I would expect Deutsch to act if someone even thought about throwing a dirt ball at him.

Put up or shut up Donnie!

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Posted by on August 31, 2011 in Politics


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