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Another Face/Palm Moment

PhotoBlog – Barack Obama joins Open Government Partnership for group photo.

This is worse than George H. W. Bush throwing up on camera in Japan! I can accept physical illness but ignorance of diplomatic protocol is unforgivable, especially for the President of The United States.

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Israel & Palestine, A Brief History

An excellent if somewhat long video that does a good job of covering the history of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict from World War I until today. It saddens me that our current Administration feels the need to treat Israel with such disdain.

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The Message and The Messenger Have Been Rejected

RealClearPolitics – The Public Has Rejected the Democratic Agenda.

Victor Davis Hanson’s latest. I highly recommend it

It must be maddening to know that you got everything you wanted, only to find out that the people you thought wanted it too are not interested. In fact, they are downright hostile to it. Liberal delusion is a dangerous thing

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I Could Live There

A very cool conversion of a garage into a new residential space.

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The Truth Will Out

Bad News For Obama From The New York Times | Fox News.

The President and the Press lied about who he really was from the start. Now he is stuck between the image he presented to the American People and the radical positions favored by the core of his base. He has painted himself into a corner with no room to move.

Not a very nice place to be.

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Can’t Blame This One on Bush

Solyndra pressured Bush WH for approval in January 2009 « Hot Air.

Someone with some business sense and some experience said no.

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Worst AG E’vah

» Today’s Special: Rocket Launchers (from a Fast and Furious Dealer Near You) – Big Government.

Why is AG Holder still employed and not meeting with his personal attorney, preparing for his defense at a criminal trial. No one died as a result of Watergate. Numerous people both here and in Mexico have died as a result of this horrible scandal. Holder must answer for this!

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