Choosing to Not Participate

04 Sep

Works and Days » Zero Jobs 101 — the Psychology of Alienating Employers.

The brilliant Dr. Hanson’s latest column is up and well worth a read as always. He covers several topics. The section on job creation or lack thereof is the best. Here is a particularly good paragraph.

“Highly publicized visits to bankrupt subsidized green plants, blaming George Bush, new racially-driven invective from some congresspeople against the Tea Party, sermons about the sensitivities of illegal aliens, politically-correct tutorials about Islam — all that might rally the base or in isolation be understandable, but again fairly or not, such liberal rhetoric simply adds to the problem from yet another dimension: confirming perceptions that employers are about the last people in the world that this administration is worried about.”

Read the whole thing.

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Posted by on September 4, 2011 in Culture, Economy, History, Politics


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