Get’n His “Thug” On

05 Sep

Warming Up Crowd for Obama… Teamster Leader Jimmy Hoffa on Tea Party: “Let’s Take These Son-of-a-Bitches Out!” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit.

I guess waiting for the Left to denounce this as hate speech and an incitement to violence would be a waste of time. Sarah Palin and by extension the Tea Party got crucified by the Left after Gabby Giffords was shot by a lunatic because Palin used a cross-hairs symbol on a campaign mailing. Now we have Jimmy Hoffa in a warm-up speech for President Obama actually using hateful words and violent rhetoric in reference to the Tea Party. Given the labor movement’s recent history of violence in Michigan, it would not surprise me to see a Tea Party member somewhere be attack and seriously injured or possibly killed.

Meanwhile the President just smiles and laughs at the very behavior he accuses Republicans and Tea Party members of engaging in. The hypocrisy is disgusting. Come on Democrats, you’re better than this. Come on Mr. President, denounce this language as you know you should.

Update: Looks like Joe Biden wanted to get in on the fun. Slow Joe sticks his foot in it yet again.

Update II: White House spokesman Carney has no comment. Really, no comment at all?

Update III: I didn’t know the whole Detroit event was tax payer funded. I thought Clinton really blurred the lines with his whole Lincoln bedroom shtick. Obama makes him look like a flyweight by comparison. Sheesh, I want my tax dollars back if this is how you use them.

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Posted by on September 5, 2011 in Culture, Politics


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