07 Sep

How did Solyndra get a sweetheart interest rate? « Hot Air.

If it walks like one and quacks like one, odds are pretty good that it is. This deal stinks to high heaven. The very fact that Obama’s money man will get his capital back before the US taxpayers are made whole is beyond belief. The President needs to wear this one like a bad suit! Here is a key graph from the article.

“The White House has to explain why it overruled the FFB’s auditors and ignored the warnings from appraisers while fast-tracking over half a billion dollars to a teetering company at loan rates far below what FFB charged other companies. Obama also needs an explanation of why his bundler George Kaiser will get his capital back before taxpayers see the first dime of that $535 million that got destroyed in Solyndra’s collapse.”

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Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Business, Economy, Politics


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