Legislation as Vaporware

10 Sep

In Obama’s Jobs Speech, How Many Times Did He Say ‘Pass the Bill’? — VIDEO – Theresa Poulson –

Pass what bill? He has submitted no legislation nor has anyone in his party. Additionally, his press secretary says they need two more weeks to figure out how to pay for it. Is he ignorant of the process or does he think the American people are and hopes they’ll direct their wrath at Congress.

Congress can not pass a speech which is all Obama seems able to produce.

Update: As of noon today (9/12/2011), no one has filed the bill Obama proudly waved at his Rose Garden press conference yesterday. Nothing can happen in the House until the CBO scores the bill. Since it has not been filed, the CBO has nothing to score and the House has nothing to debate, let alone pass. Does he really think we’re that stupid or could it be that not one single member of the Democrat caucus is willing to have their name attached to this thing?

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Posted by on September 10, 2011 in Economy, Politics


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