I wish It Were Attributable To Boredom

16 Oct

Bored Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sadly, I think the problem with the current occupant of the position (note I did not say office) of First Lady is not boredom. I believe she is driven by a sense of entitlement and what she might call righteous anger but what I would classify as busy body meddling in other peoples lives. We seem to be inflicted with a FLOTUS who is part Evita Peron and part Mari Antoinette. A nasty combination to be sure which might be more bearable if there existed a smidgen of class mixed in. Sadly, this too is missing.

2013 can’t come soon enough. We’ll need to instruct the Secret Service to mind the china and the silver when this pair leaves the White House.

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Posted by on October 16, 2011 in Culture, Politics


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