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Compare & Contrast, OWS and the Tea Party

Bill Whittle presents another excellent graphic presentation that compares OWS and the Tea Party. I love this format and look forward to more of these from Mr. Whittle and his organization. Watch the whole thing, it will be worth your time.

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Don’t They Have More Important Things to Do?

Obama’s Labor Department Looks To Take The ‘Family’ Out of Family Farms | RedState.

I mean really!

Europe is melting down, our own “Super Committee” can’t come to any agreement on deficit and debt reduction (seems simple to me, spend less money), Iranian students have over-run the British Embassy (will ours be next?) and this Administration thinks it’s vitally important to revisit family farm work rules that have been in place and worked well for generations!

And they wonder why so many don’t trust and in fact despise Washington!


Some Very Good Reasons

Works and Days » Why Not Pay Higher Taxes?.

Dr. Hanson does it again! Just read it!

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Another Direct Hit

James Delingpole: Climategate 2.0 –

The good ship “Global Warming” takes another torpedo amidships. How many more will it take to finally send her to the bottom where she belongs?

No where left to hide boys. Time to call the game. Maybe the new president of Penn State will continue the housecleaning that started in the football program and get rid of Michael Mann as well. He’s a central player in this whole farce that has cost the planet billions in misdirected funds.


Bret Stephens has an excellent piece at the WSJ that might have AGW adherents starting to sing that old REM song “Losing My Religion”

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Thanksgiving and Socialism

The following is from a post at the PowerLine blog (one of my favorites) and was written by Paul A. Rahe who holds the Charles O. Lee and Louise K. Lee Chair in Western Heritage at Hillsdale College.

On Thanksgiving, it is customary that Americans recall to mind the experience of the Pilgrim Fathers. This year, it is especially appropriate that we do so — as we pause, in the midst of an economic maelstrom, to count our remaining blessings and to reflect on the consequences of our election of a President and a Congress intent on “spread[ing] the wealth around.”

We have much to learn from the history of the Plymouth Plantation. For, in their first year in the New World, the Pilgrims conducted an experiment in social engineering akin to what is now contemplated; and, after an abortive attempt at cultivating the land in common, their leaders reflected on the results in a manner that Americans today should find instructive. Read the rest of this entry »

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Images from Utopia

Zuccotti Utopia: Portraits of The New Revolutionaries « Looking at the Left.

Another side of OWS at Zuccotti Park, not typically shown by the national media. It’s a long post with lots of photos and text but well worth your while as it does a good job of presenting an inside view not often seen. I highly recommend it.

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I Knew There Had To Be More To The Story

Meet Bloodied Thug Brandon Watts: The Media and Far Left’s Latest #OWS Hero | The Gateway Pundit.

The Media and the Left would love for you to think that this was a poor nonviolent young man who was brutalized by the Police. As has been the case with most of these OWS images, when the real back story comes out, the media narrative collapses and in many cases turns out to be 180 degrees from the truth.

Throwing things at the cops (especially batteries) is bound to get you hurt, one way or another. I don’t seem to recall any Tea Party people whipping batteriers at the police. I found it somewhat amusing and also sad that the people who scream the loudest about being nonviolent are many times the ones who also instigate it.

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