Natural Gas Is Greener, Who Knew!

06 Nov

The Hot Air blog has an excellent post comparing the ultimate “green-ness” of wind and solar with our current bonanza of natural gas and methane which is now available to us via fracking technology. I don’t want to wreck the planet but at the same time, the more I learn about some of the hidden environmental issues coming from wind, solar and electric cars the more I’m willing to say “frack here, frack now, frack often”! Let’s stop sending our energy dollars overseas (for oil, wind power and solar components, battery minerals etc.) and start spending that money on developing domestic sources and creating jobs in our economy.

This all seems so logical and straight forward to me so why does our current President and his party continue to drag their feet and tho up one roadblock and red tape snare after another? Could it be that they really don’t care about American jobs and are more interested in pushing a failed ideology as well as enriching their friends in the so called “green” industry. Can you say “Solyndra”? I knew that you could.


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