The Mask Is Now Completely Off

17 Nov

#OWS Website: “N17″ Chosen Because It Represents a Marxist Terrorist Organization | The Gateway Pundit.

This is all you need to know about the OWS movement and their attempt today to shut down and generally disrupt the financial districts of NYC and several other cities.

N17 is a Greek Marxist/Terrorist organization with which the OWS movement seems to be making common cause. It will be instructive to see if the national media will bother to report this particular detail about the OWS movement. A quick scan of the major news sites (including Fox News) revealed that none have bothered to report the connection at the time of this writing. I’ll bet money that they will do all that can to avoid reporting this fact as it goes completely against the template that they are trying to present for OWS. If the American people truly understood where the OWS movement came from, what they want and who they are aligned with, what little public support they now enjoy would disappear overnight.

Obama, Democrats and progressives have openly embraced OWS. If public support crashes, OWS will become a giant boat anchor on Democrat chances in the 2012 election cycle. The Press will do all they can to keep that from happening.


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