The Sound You Hear is The Shark Being Jumped

17 Nov

Romney: “I am not going to walk away from [Romney-care]“ « Hot Air#comments#comments#comments#comments#comments.

Romney-care is a disaster in Massachusetts!

I would have much more respect for the man if he would admit it and pledge to reverse course. Mitt is picking the wrong hill to die on. This is one of the big reasons he has been unable to separate himself from the pack. I really don’t think the base of the GOP wants anything to do with him. He is the candidate of the Establishment/Beltway wing of the party. You know, the ones how engineered the huge upset in 2010. Oh wait, I got that wrong. It was the TEA PARTY!

I think the base has revolted and will not be dictated to any more. No more Doles, no more McCains.

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