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Why I Don’t Want Romney

George Soros Wants Mitt to Win Because “There Isn’t Much Difference between Romney and Obama” (Video) | The Gateway Pundit.

If this is what “Spooky Dude” thinks of Mitt then every conservative should run screaming in the opposite direction.

Santorum, Gingrich, Romney then Paul is my order of preference. I have always said that I will vote for whomever is running against Obama. My fear is that there is not enough daylight between Romney and Obama to paint the “bold, bright colors and not pastel shades” that Reagan was so fond of talking about.

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Upside Down & Headed for the Cliff

Average Federal Employee Makes Twice as Much as Private Sector Employee & As Much as Microsoft Employee | The Gateway Pundit.

This can not continue!

How much could we reduce our annual deficits if government (state, local & federal) payrolls were in line with the payrolls in the private sectors that they serve? It just blows my mind that average federal pay has risen by $30,000 during the Obama Administration alone.

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Dictates of the State

Here Is The Anti-Obama Administration Letter That Was Read To Almost Every Catholic Sitting In Church On Sunday.

I’m not a Roman Catholic but I can certainly support them in this stand against this blatant violation of religious freedom.

This Administration is shameful and two-faced to say the least. They reach out to Muslims with one hand in professed tolerance and understanding while at the same time, bashing Christians with the other hand.

How dare the State dictate to the Church!

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Newt Vindicated in House Ethics Probe

What really happened in the Gingrich ethics case? | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.

This is very old news but apparently Mitt Romney, the Democrats and the Media seem to not know the facts or have conveniently forgotten. Byron York does a great job recounting his reporting at the time regarding the IRS’s final ruling. If you’re not prepared to believe Mr. York, go to the end of the article and watch the CNN report.

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Really Nancy?

Pelosi On A Gingrich Presidency: “That Will Never Happen”.

Would someone please call this awful harpy’s bluff. Enough already!

You can tell who they fear by who they attack.

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Greese Is Calling . . .

. . . are we listening?

VDH’s Private Papers:: Civilization in Reverse.

Dr. Hanson tells the cautionary tell as only a historian who is well versed in Greek history can. Will we wake up in time. I certainly hope and pray that we will.


We Already Knew This

But will the Media and the GOP Establishment learn?

Seven things we learned in South Carolina « Hot Air.

I’ve been reading lots of posts and articles about the SC GOP Primary results. I really like this collection of lessons learned. Number 7 is my all-time favorite and echos one of Rush Limbaugh’s re-occurring themes when discussing the “wizards of smart”.

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