Street Fight’n Man

22 Jan

Psst: Hear the Roar and Pay Attention.

I said it in 2007-8 when Rudy was still in the race and I’ve been saying it again this round. Conservatives want a “street fight’n man” at the head of the ticket who is not afraid to be politically incorrect and refuses to accept the media templates and straw men constructed by the Left. I’m tired of playing fair only to have the Dem’s pull one dirty trick after another without as much as a whimper from our side. Newt’s take-downs of Juan Williams and John King was exactly the kind of response many of us are looking for. As flawed as Newt is (and he is flawed), he is giving voice to what many of us have been longing to hear from a Republican candidate. The last person who spoke and acted this way was Reagan. I don’t think Mitt has it in him.

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Posted by on January 22, 2012 in Politics


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