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17 Feb

Obama’s Deceptive Hidden Premises – National Review Online.

Michael Novak posts a fine piece at NRO on our President’s horrible violation of the First Amendment. Here is one of the many excellent paragraphs from the column.

“The second deception is that sterilization, contraception, abortifacients — and by logical extension, at the proper hour, abortion — are not matters of private choice, but matters of women’s health. This definition is then expanded into an enforceable right to women’s health. This supposed right is then expanded into a duty upon others to pay for the private choices and values systems of some women. In other words, this is naked coercion in its most deceptive form, and an illicit and twisted use of rights talk.Pregnancy is a disease?”

Read the whole thing.

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Posted by on February 17, 2012 in Culture, Faith, Government, Politics


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