Seeing What He Wants to See

20 Feb

Would You Vote for This Man?.


The column posted above is from the Head of the History Department at Messiah College who claims that Obama is one of the most overtly “Christian” Presidents this country has ever seen. He seems to come to this unbelievable conclusion based solely on words Obama has said but not on any concrete actions that Obama has taken. In fact, the few actions he does highlight seem to be overtly anti-Christian.

If this is what passes for logical thought at Messiah College, my heart goes out to the students in the History Department as their studies appear to be led by a political hack and not a true scholar of history. This column coupled with the Frances Fox-Piven lecture and several other recent events has caused my opinion of what was once a fine institution of Christian higher education to slip significantly.

Messiah appears to be going the way of Goshen College, all politics all the time and very little faith.

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Posted by on February 20, 2012 in Faith, Politics


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