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The Only Reason You Need . . .

. . . not to re-elect Obama


They Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Scalia | Obamacare | We’re Not Stupid | The Daily Caller.

Justices Kagan and Ginsburg made fools of themselves today in their attempts to coach and assist the Solicitor General in his bumbling attempt to make the Government’s case for the Individual Mandate portion of Obamacare. It was conduct unbecoming a Supreme Court Justice of The Unites States and I certainly hope the Chief Justice and their fellow Justices will point that out and help them recall what their role should be when hearing oral arguments.


He’s Making It More & More Difficult . . .

Obama in 2001: “I don’t agree with a missile defense system.” » The Right Scoop –.

. . . not to see him as a “Manchurian” candidate.

Additional info at this post.


The Logical Outcome of Critical Race Theory

Anderson Cooper and New Black Panther Party Member Clash on Trayvon Martin Case | Video |

This is what you get folks when you extend CRT to its logical conclusion. You get the Black Panthers saying that they don’t recognize the “white man’s” law, that they follow the “street people’s” law and then place a bounty on someone’s head with impunity. This should frighten the living daylights out of every law abiding citizen in this country, regardless of their race, religion or creed. 

Eric Holder, call your office. Oh wait, I forgot, you won’t enforce the law if goes against “your people.”


What Exactly Are You Planning Mr. President?

President Obama Asks Medvedev for ‘Space’ on Missile Defense — ‘After My Election I Have More Flexibility’ – ABC News.

Great horny toads! What exactly does he need space for?

Is he going to give away missile defense? Which of our allies is he going to jerk the rug out from under like he did to the Poles recently? We need answers and we need them right now! The American people have a right to know what you are planning Sir before they vote in November.

The Republicans and the Press MUST hold his feet to the fire on this one


Down the Memory Hole and Firmly in the Tank

Hey, remember when high gas prices were all Bush’s fault? « Hot Air.

The Media and the Democrat’s (but I repeat myself) appalling double standard on the price of gas price and whether or not the President should be held accountable should cause any fair-minded, thinking person to vote against Obama and the Democrats this fall and deepen the ratings dive for the alphabet media (CNN, MSNBC, NYT etc.).

I know, I know, intellectual honest and a modicum of consistency is just too much to ask from the Left.

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Yikes, This Is Painfully Bad

I thought he was supposed to improve our status in the world, not make us look stupid.

Can you imagine the howls of derision from the Media and Democrats if Bush did something this lame. I guess that they had to keep the script easy for him to remember since there are no TelePrompTers available at this kind of photo-op.

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