Throwing Good Money After Bad

04 Mar

In light of Government Motors decision this week to suspend production of the Volt and lay off the 1,300 workers who build them for at least 5 weeks, maybe it’s time to count the true costs to the taxpayer for this car that “America had to build” (insert retching sounds here).

The Volt Re-Evaluated: $250,000 Per Car – HUMAN EVENTS.

Take away the 20% of sales that went to the Federal Government as well as all of the ones purchased by GE (Obama’s biggest crony capitalist) and the numbers in the article linked above look even worse.

It’s apparent that GM and the Feds learned nothing from the disaster that was Soviet style central planning. I’d say the odds are good that at the end of 5 weeks, GM announces that they will be pulling the plug on the Volt. The simple lesson here is that you can not create a market for a product that no one wants, no matter how many taxpayer dollars you throw at it, I don’t care how smart you think you are or how important you think the product is.

You can not change basic economic law. Stop using my money to try!


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