20 Apr

If a President promises to cut the annual deficit in half by the end of his first term but instead more than doubles it each year . .

If a President promises that under his stimulus plan, unemployment would not go above 8% and would be approaching 6% by now but instead, unemployment shoots to a high of 10.3% and has yet to drop below 8% and does so only because people are giving up looking and dropping out of the work force . . .

If a President calls his predecessor unpatriotic for adding $4 trillion to the national debt in his 8 years in office than proceeds to add over $5 trillion in debt in less than 4 years . . .

If gas prices stand at less than $2 per gallon when a President takes office, then stand close to $4 per gallon when he stands for re-election and still Administration blocks new energy development at every turn . . .

If the use of food stamps explodes by 70% during this President’s first term . . .

If the number of people living below the poverty level is at an all-time high . . .

If the President’s signature legislative achievement had to be jammed through Congress using parliamentary tricks, is opposed by a majority of Americans and is in danger of being found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court who the President has publicly tried to bully . . .

. . . does this President deserve a second term? The only rational response is NO, And yet, some of you will vote for him just because he is a Democrat. How very sad

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Posted by on April 20, 2012 in Politics


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