The Emperor’s Wife Has Many Clothes

03 May

And some really expensive ones at that!

Bias on Display: Media Ignores Michelle O’s $2700 Sweater But Attacks Ann Romney for $990 Top | The Gateway Pundit.

Add this to the list of exploding cigars that the Left has lit for themselves in the last few weeks. Every time they bring up Romney’s wealth, Moochelle’s clothes and vacations (on the taxpayer) should be what gets thrown right back in their faces.

That’s right, I called her Mooch-elle. Her little vacation jaunt to Spain last year with her friends cost the American taxpayer almost $500,000 in transportation and securityalone (and that was just one of her trips). I for one am doggone tired of paying so she can play!


One response to “The Emperor’s Wife Has Many Clothes

  1. joesix

    May 3, 2012 at 11:47 pm

    Ann Roam-ney.


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