Some Thoughts on the Current Milieu

06 May

Works and Days » All Fall Down.

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson finds the mark yet again with his excellent review and commentary on our current state of being. Here is one of my favorite passages to get you started.

“We have had 38 months of 8% plus unemployment. We are setting records in the numbers of Americans not working, and the percentage of the adult population not employed. GDP growth was a pathetic 1.7%. The borrowing hit $5 trillion under Obama, who between golf outings, and campaign hit-ups of wealthy people, adds $1 trillion plus each year in more debt. To question how to pay it back is to pollute the air or abandon the children. In 2005 Paul Krugman was writing why Bush’s spending was going to crash the economy; in 2012 Paul Krugman is writing why Obama’s far greater deficit spending, on top of Bush’s debts, is not going to crash the economy, given that we need to borrow far more than our paltry $3 or $4 billion a day.”

Do yourself a favor and read the entire piece then carefully consider your vote in November.


One response to “Some Thoughts on the Current Milieu

  1. Robert E. Stage Jr.

    May 6, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    I am now following your blog. I just recently wrote a piece on just how absurd this presidents economic policies are, Government; and the Individual. Thanks for your contribution to the cause of truth.


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