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Media Beyond a Double Standard

They’ve stopped even pretending to be fair.

Media Praises Michelle Obama’s $6,000 ‘Jacket’ After Ripping Ann Romney’s $990 Shirt | Washington Post, New York Daily News |

Why anyone takes the media seriously anymore is beyond me.

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A Pox on Both Your Houses

But especially yours Senator Reid. Not passing a budget in the Senate for the last four years is an unconscionable bit of legislative malpractice. For shame sir!

Intellectual honesty on the national debt « Hot Air.

President Obama, your skirt’s dirty too!


Right Intention, Wrong Approach

Obama to Urban League: I’m forcing taxpayers to pay for your education, so don’t disappoint me! » The Right Scoop –.

The President says some good things here but there is a fatal flaw in his proposed approach.

Only be paying for it yourself by the sweat of your brow will you truly understand and value a higher education degree. Financial risk is a marvelous motivator and can push you to levels of achievement you never thought possible. This is where the President goes off the rails. He talks about providing higher ed through taxpayer subsidy. What level of accountability will be attached to said subsidies. My guess would be little to none at all. And since when should I be paying for someone else’s college degree? I have two kids of my own to provide for. More taxes from me to cover someone else makes it that much harder for my wife and I to help our kids.

Just more snake oil to keep the base “on the plantation”. Very sad.

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Now What Happens Again When I Pull This Little Lever?

Does Obama Think U.S. Soldiers Use AK-47s?.

This is what you get when you have a Commander in Chief who has no clue which end of the tube the round comes out of. He most likely can’t distinguish between and assault rifle and a semi-automatic either.

Maximum face-palm moment!

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And Now For Something Completely Different

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It’s Volt-tastic!

Media Fail: Chevy Volt Makes NO Money, Costs Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Per Car |

Your tax dollars hard at work!

Key point here. If the technology is good, it will succeed with or without government intervention. If the technology is bad, no amount of government largess can make it fly.

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Jon Lovitz Strikes Again

This pic is from Jon Lovitz’s Twitter feed and I thought it was quite timely, given the President’s comments about successful people “not building” their businesses.

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