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“Fast and Furious”, a Government and Media Scandal

The Untold Story Behind The “Fast and Furious” Scandal – ABC News.

ABC News tries to cover itself by reporting on a Univision piece that does the actual heavy lifting.

Why has our legacy media been so unwilling to hold the Obama Administration accountable for this scandal that has resulted in the death of hundreds including 2 American border agents? Could it be that Pat Caddell is correct when he asserts that the Media has become the enemy of the American People and have abdicated their role as protector and have instead become the palace guard?

And they wonder why no one trusts them anymore!



Watergate Surpassed

Roger L. Simon » Benghazi Worse than Watergate.

Roger Simon does a masterful job in making the case that Benghazi is a thousand times worse than Watergate could ever be stretched to become.

From the article:

“Watergate caught numerous public officials lying, including the president of the United States, but Benghazigate has all that and more. 

It involves the terrorist murder (not an electorally irrelevant burglary) of government officials, their reckless endangerment, the undermining of the Bill of Rights and free speech by our own administration in response to Islamist threats, and, ultimately, the complicity of that same administration, consciously or unconsciously, in the downfall of Western civilization. 

Meanwhile, the mainstream media function as their more-than-willing accomplices in this downfall, in essence as Obama’s court eunuchs.”

Read the whole thing!


Enemies of the People

Pat Caddell nails it!

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Progressives are soooo classy

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The Case Against Re-Election

Why you shouldnt vote for Obama –

Dr. William J. Bennett does an excellent job of making the case. It is a devastating recitation of the facts. I would be most grateful if one of my progressive friends would be willing to defend the President and argue for his re-election. I would really like to see what your justifications would be.

But be forewarned, if all you do in response is to bash Romney and not refute Dr. Bennett on a point by point basis, I will respectfully tell you to “talk to the hand”.

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Yes Sir, You Most Certainly Are


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Mike Rowe, Getting the Job Gone

Dirty Jobs Star Rolls Up Sleeves for Romney Campaign.

I have always liked this guy and his show.

Way to go Mike Rowe!

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