Will the Real Candidates Please Stand Up?

06 Oct

Articles: How the Liberal Media Ruined Obama.

The Press has wasted much ink and many hours of air time in the last few days asking why and making excuses in claiming that the real Obama didn’t show up for the first debate with Gov. Romney. In like fashion, the President has made the centerpiece of his stump speech since the debate the clever line that the man he was debating was not the real Mitt Romney.

The level of delusion among such supposedly learned and sophisticated people is astounding!

I would argue as the excellent article from Lisa Fritsch at the American Thinker does in the link above that in fact both of the candidates on stage Wednesday night were the real deal. That fateful ninety minutes was the first time in this campaign that both men were seen together in an uncontrolled, unscripted and unfiltered presentation. The shock and awe we have witnessed since then is the total collapse of the Media’s false narratives for both candidates.

The Press has gone out of its way to protect Obama and has taken every opportunity to pillory Romney. They have vetted Romney within an inch of his life while turning a blind eye to items in Obama’s background that should disqualify him from holding national office. In ninety short minutes it all came crashing down. If they had any character or self-awareness, they would be asking themselves how they let it get to this point. Sadly, they are blinded by and slaves to their ideology and will continue in their deluded state until they are replaced.

Read the whole article at the link above. Many of the comments are worth reading as well.

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One response to “Will the Real Candidates Please Stand Up?

  1. jotis2

    October 6, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    And that’s the truth!


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