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An excellent piece on the futility of gun control and “gun free” zones.

Monster Hunter Nation

I didn’t want to post about this, because frankly, it is exhausting. I’ve been having this exact same argument for my entire adult life. It is not an exaggeration when I say that I know pretty much exactly every single thing an anti-gun person can say. I’ve heard it over and over, the same old tired stuff, trotted out every single time there is a tragedy on the news that can be milked. Yet, I got sucked in, and I’ve spent the last few days arguing with people who either mean well but are uninformed about gun laws and how guns actually work (who I don’t mind at all), or the willfully ignorant (who I do mind), or the obnoxiously stupid who are completely incapable of any critical thinking deeper than a Facebook meme (them, I can’t stand).

Today’s blog post is going to be aimed at the first group…

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Rage, Wreck & Ruin

Of course we are more divided than ever. Of course we are on the verge of fiscal collapse. Anyone who has been paying attention and is in touch with reality knows that this is exactly what our President wants. He has pitted segments of our society against each other and has done nothing to bring them together and then accuses his opponents of incivility. He spends at a rate over 30% higher than the previous administration then blames pre-existing tax rates for the deficit. He spreads the lie that if “only the rich would pay their fair share” (the top 10% already pay 80% of the burden) the problem would be solved. Read the rest of this entry »


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Purposefully Deaf to Reason and Willingly Blind to Truth

Ann Coulter: We know how to stop school shootings – Conservative News.

Ann Coulter does her usual excellent job in cutting trough the crap and speaking to the heart of the matter.

“Gun Free Zones” have got to go and citizens need to arm themselves since it is plainly obvious that our “leaders” have their heads up their collective butt on this issue. We also need to urge our local school boards to abandon this disastrous “gun free zone” and begin to arm responsible adults in each of their schools. A couple of signs the say “This school protected by armed personnel” would help as well.

Hat tip to my dad for forwarding the link!


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No Deal, Just Defeat and Humiliation

White House rejects Boehners offer to boost millionaires tax rate in exchange for spending cuts | The Daily Caller.

Putting aside my loathing of Boehner for making this ridiculous offer, it is abundantly clear that this President has absolutely no desire to meet anyone halfway. He is bound and determined to get what he wants or he’s going to take us over the “cliff”.

And they said Bush was a stubborn idiot.


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Abraham Lincoln was Wrong

Barack Obama

Apparently you can fool most of the people most of the time. All you need is 30 years of failed public education and a sycophantic Press.

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It’s Okay to be Rich . . .

. . . as long as you say the right things and support Marxist/Socialist/Progressives.

The Real Fat Cats – Victor Davis Hanson – National Review Online.

VDH nails it again! Progressive hypocrisy just blows me away (vote socialist, live capitalist). This reminds me of a chart I saw a few months back that compared red state versus blue state charitable giving. The difference was mind blowing.

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Upside Down

The Welfare Spending Chart You Won’t Want to See |

Check out the chart at the link above!

We are seriously upside down here people. Anyone want to go “John Galt” with me?

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