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A Different Kind of “Green”

Watchdog Files FOIA Request Over Green Building Program Waste.

I’ve always been skeptical of the whole USGBC LEED “Green” building movement. It just never felt right or “smelled” right to me. I’ve always thought that it was a scam. That opinion got even stronger last year when I read that almost 60% of LEED certified “Green” buildings failed to perform as certified when it came to their sustainable design features and systems.

I am a registered architect and always felt a little out of the architectural main stream for not perusing LEED certification. I have feeling that as the above story begins to shake out, not spending the time and money for LEED certification will start to look like a smart move.


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A Nice Shout Out for Marvin Windows

FULL SPEECH: Watch Mitt Romney speech in Roanoke, VA this morning » The Right Scoop –.

Mitt Romney gives a nice shout out to Marvin Windows and the Marvin family at the beginning of his speech in Virginia earlier today.

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Marvin Window’s Corporate Headquarters and touring their main plant in Warroad Minnesota in September. It was gratifying to hear them tell how they have been able to keep every single employee, even during the on-going lousy construction market. It was also very inspiring to hear the Marvin Family story as well.

Kudos and many thanks to Brian McCoy and the team at Super Enterprises for hosting a great trip.

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Very Cool!


Perception vs. Reality

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A Folding Apartment

Very cool!

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More From the Small House Movement

The more I see of these kinds of things, the more I want to build one!

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I Could Live There

A very cool conversion of a garage into a new residential space.

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