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Another “See, We Told You So”

Rothman: Yet Another Crazy Conservative Conspiracy Theory Proven Correct | Mediaite.

The White House remains secure in their faith that the lap dog press will never call them on this crap.


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If You Like Your Recovery, You Can Keep It

WHAT RECOVERY? George Will Exposes Obama’s Failed Economic Record (Video) | The Gateway Pundit.

This rates in my book as one of if not the biggest case of journalistic malpractice we have seen in the last five years. The Administration has been very openly cooking the books for quite some time and the press, which is supposed to be the watch dog has been the lap dog instead.


Too Soon Old . . .

. . . and too late smart.

The PJ Tatler » National Black Chamber of Commerce President: Barack Obama ‘Made a Fool Out of Me’.

I think the old Pennsylvania Dutch saying applies here.


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The State of the Left’s Utopia

Unbelievably sad. Wake up America. This is where Obama and the DNC are taking us.


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Intended, Unintended Consequences

Articles: Obamas Zero-Sum Game and the Coming Redistribution Bubble.

When you hypocritically stoke the fires of envy to gain and maintain political power, you will eventually burn down the house!

The article linked above contains a lot to chew on and digest. Please read it!


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No Deal, Just Defeat and Humiliation

White House rejects Boehners offer to boost millionaires tax rate in exchange for spending cuts | The Daily Caller.

Putting aside my loathing of Boehner for making this ridiculous offer, it is abundantly clear that this President has absolutely no desire to meet anyone halfway. He is bound and determined to get what he wants or he’s going to take us over the “cliff”.

And they said Bush was a stubborn idiot.


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A Nice Shout Out for Marvin Windows

FULL SPEECH: Watch Mitt Romney speech in Roanoke, VA this morning » The Right Scoop –.

Mitt Romney gives a nice shout out to Marvin Windows and the Marvin family at the beginning of his speech in Virginia earlier today.

I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Marvin Window’s Corporate Headquarters and touring their main plant in Warroad Minnesota in September. It was gratifying to hear them tell how they have been able to keep every single employee, even during the on-going lousy construction market. It was also very inspiring to hear the Marvin Family story as well.

Kudos and many thanks to Brian McCoy and the team at Super Enterprises for hosting a great trip.

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