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The State of the Left’s Utopia

Unbelievably sad. Wake up America. This is where Obama and the DNC are taking us.


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Right Intention, Wrong Approach

Obama to Urban League: I’m forcing taxpayers to pay for your education, so don’t disappoint me! » The Right Scoop –.

The President says some good things here but there is a fatal flaw in his proposed approach.

Only be paying for it yourself by the sweat of your brow will you truly understand and value a higher education degree. Financial risk is a marvelous motivator and can push you to levels of achievement you never thought possible. This is where the President goes off the rails. He talks about providing higher ed through taxpayer subsidy. What level of accountability will be attached to said subsidies. My guess would be little to none at all. And since when should I be paying for someone else’s college degree? I have two kids of my own to provide for. More taxes from me to cover someone else makes it that much harder for my wife and I to help our kids.

Just more snake oil to keep the base “on the plantation”. Very sad.

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Narratives . . .

. . . and what happens when things don’t fit. More excellence from Bill Whittle.

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Political Correctness, A Primer

The video is just over 20 minutes long but well worth the time as it does an excellent job of explaining the origins of the intellectual rot that is PC. Hillsdale College is looking better and better.

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The Great One Speaks!

Watch Mark Levin at Reagan Library » The Right Scoop –.

Mr. Levin does a wonderful job talking about his latest book Ameritopia which is on my list to read. His previous work Liberty and Tyranny was excellent and I highly recommend it. It is a complete college course in one book. I’m looking forward to reading Ameritopia and will report back when I’ve finished it.


Who is Derrick Bell . . .

. . . and why it is so important that you know what he stood for, believed in and taught at Harvard Law.

The Racist Ravings of Derrick Bell | FrontPage Magazine.

For those of you who have been paying enough attention to know that this man is connected to President Obama but not enough attention to know why this is so troubling, please read the article linked above.

Our media and the Republican candidates need to be pushed to ask Mr. Obama the following and hold him accountable for his answers:

  1. Mr. President, do you agree with and support Prof. Bell’s Critical Race Theory?
  2. If your answer to the previous is no, why did you embrace him so warmly at Harvard and then assign his writings more than any other author while you were teaching law at Chicago Law?
  3. Mr. President, do you disavow Prof. Bell and Critical Race Theory?

Mr. President, you have so splain’n to do!


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Miss-informed, Ignorant and Dangerous

Check out the comments at the 1:50 mark about organizing inside the military! The rest of the video is very enlightening as well. These people have no clue! The points that can be refuted on a factual basis are too numerous to mention.

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