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Preach It Pastor!

Black Pastor: Liberalism Is ‘Cancerous And Devastating To The Black Family’ | The Daily Caller.

A long but excellent interview with Bishop E.W. Jackson on the state of the black community!

Well worth your time. Please watch


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“He is Risen!”

‘He is Risen!’ What Christians Believe About Easter, and Why.

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Homosexual Bully Boys

Christian Journalist ‘Can’t Sleep, Lost 14 Lbs, And May Leave City’ After Threats by Gay Marriage Advocates.


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Picture of the Day 2-24-2013


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Forgiveness, Mercy & Redemption

Articles: Jean Valjean and the Forgiving Heart.

Any excellent movie and a well written examination of its central themes. If you have not already seen the latest rendering of Les Misrables, I strongly urge you to do so.

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Time for Some Perspective

50,000 Feet Looking Down | RedState.

Well said Mr. Erickson, well said! I wholeheartedly concur.

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Jim Wallis Beclowns Himself

Jim Wallis tells Pamela Geller that Christians all over the world are going to pay for her hateful subway ad » The Right Scoop

It is beyond me why Christians continue to take this tool of the progressive left seriously.

I’m currently reading Eric Metaxas’s excellent biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The parallels between Wallis and other current main line religious leaders with the leaders of the German church when it comes to accepting encroachment by the State are disturbing.

We need to wake up, be very mindful of what the State is trying to do to the Church and vote accordingly.

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