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A Different Kind of “Green”

Watchdog Files FOIA Request Over Green Building Program Waste.

I’ve always been skeptical of the whole USGBC LEED “Green” building movement. It just never felt right or “smelled” right to me. I’ve always thought that it was a scam. That opinion got even stronger last year when I read that almost 60% of LEED certified “Green” buildings failed to perform as certified when it came to their sustainable design features and systems.

I am a registered architect and always felt a little out of the architectural main stream for not perusing LEED certification. I have feeling that as the above story begins to shake out, not spending the time and money for LEED certification will start to look like a smart move.


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Oh Sweet Irony!

Wind farms may have warming effect – research | Reuters.

If this story is correct, the rule of “unintended consequences” is about to punch the Green Movement full in the mouth.

I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air makes some excellent points


More Green Incompetence and Corruption

A Tale of Two (More) Bankruptcies « Hot Air.

Thank you Van Jones and Barry Obama. If this were a Republican Administration the Democrats and the Media would be screaming for people to be fired and or impeached. The silence on the Left is deafening.


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Well There’s Your Problem!

HURT: BlackBerry a metaphor for government – Washington Times.

I’ve been listening to my dad and brother complain bitterly about their BlackBerries lately and was wondering how a system that worked so well when it was introduced could have gone so horribly wrong. The article linked above has an interesting take on what might be causing the problem.

I had a BlackBerry recently until it chose to self-immolate. I have used Windows based phones as well. I have not used the iPhone, partly because I’m not a big fan of Apple and AT&T. My current device is an Android and while I’m still a little uncomfortable with the Google tentacles, I must say that it has been the best device and operating system I’ve had thus far.

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