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Not the Transformation He Was Looking For . . .

Epitaph for Hope and Change | National Review Online.

BRAVO Dr. Hanson and well said sir!

My favorite contemporary historian just opened the book on what the world will say about the Obama Administration after it is gone. It’s a long read and so densely packed I could not decide what I should select as a pull quote. Do yourself a favor and read the entire thing.



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Too Soon Old . . .

. . . and too late smart.

The PJ Tatler » National Black Chamber of Commerce President: Barack Obama ‘Made a Fool Out of Me’.

I think the old Pennsylvania Dutch saying applies here.


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The Demagogue in Chief at His Finest

Obama: Seniors, Disabled, Children, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Patients at Risk If GOP Doesn’t Act on Sequester His Idea | The Gateway Pundit.

What a two-bit punk! I’m sorry, those are tough words but I can’t think of any better way to describe this man.

The Sequester was his stupid idea and now he uses every bloody shirt in the DNC playbook to hoodwink low information voters (with the help of the State media) with claims that those mean and cold-hearted Republicans are using the Sequester (his creation) to destroy the weak, the sick and the old.

My apologies to two-bit punks everywhere

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Picture of the Day 1-20-2013


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Picture of the Day 1-14-2013



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Intended, Unintended Consequences

Articles: Obamas Zero-Sum Game and the Coming Redistribution Bubble.

When you hypocritically stoke the fires of envy to gain and maintain political power, you will eventually burn down the house!

The article linked above contains a lot to chew on and digest. Please read it!


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Giving the American People the Middle Finger

Obama to Boehner: We Dont Have a Spending Problem.

Literally (check out the picture at the linked article) and figuratively in his willful lying to the American People.

We most assuredly DO have a spending problem. This President and his DNC cronies raised spending 30% during the first two years of his first term when they controlled both house of Congress and the White House. They have refused to submit a budget since then which has kept the spending elevated ever since.

If that’s not giving the American taxpayer “the finger” I don’t know what is.


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